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Praat video tutorial in which I show how to create TextGrids with a script, calculate duration with a script, extract vowels and more.

Praat video tutorial in which I show how to extract duration, intensity, and F0 to study the production of stress in English.


In this video, I show how to install and work on LaTeX for Windows


Eyes High International

Eyes High International Award is established to attract and retain the best and brightest doctoral students from around the world in support of the University of Calgary’s Eyes High vision of becoming one of the top five research universities in Canada. Awarded: $15,000.

Open Doctoral Award

Open Doctoral Award is a University of Calgary prize awarded to best doctoral candidates in a variety of fields. Awarded: $10,000.

Dean’s Entrance Graduate Award

Dean’s Entrance Graduate Scholarship is open to students registered full-time in a thesis-based doctoral program in the Faculty of Graduate Students of the University of Calgary. Awarded: $10,000.

Erasmus +

Erasmus+ is the EU’s programme to support education, training, youth and sport in Europe. Awarded $5,400.

Dositeja Fund

Dositeja Fund or the Fund for Young Talents of the Ministry of Education in Serbia supports certain number of best Serbian students around the globe by allocating up to $7,000 for each selected student.

LRC Fellowships

LRC Fellowship is the fellowship instituted in 2019 to support students from the graduate programs in Languages, Literatures and Cultures and in Linguistics in implementing a community outreach project of their own design. Awarded: $4,000.


Welcome to Linguistically Aware, a conversation-based podcast about the ways we use, understand, and think about language. In this podcast, which is broadcast once monthly onCJSW 90.9 FM, I am sitting down with linguists, experts on language, to talk about a numberof roles language plays in our lives. Listen to the recordings below and enjoy!

Speech Language Therapy
Voice Quality pt.2
Voice Quality pt.1