Praat Tutorial

* Annotating with scripts + Vowel duration and pitch calculation + vowel and pitch extraction – Video; Handout; Folder you need;

Stats for Linguists

1) Describing distributions – Handout (pw protected – contact the author)

2) Correlation and Regression – Handout

3) Probability – Handout

4) Logistic Regression – Handout

Paper Analysis presented at Reading Group

1) Bayesian data analysis in the phonetic sciences: A tutorial introduction  (Vasishth et. al 201) РHandout

2) Word-level information influences phonetic learning in adults and infants (Feldman et. al 2013) – Handout

3) Word frequency effects in sound change as a consequence of perceptual asymmetries: An exemplar-based model (Todd et. al 2019) – Presentation