Narrow Transcription Exercise - Linguistics 341

Please do the following narrow transcription exercise: LaTeX template (.pdf file)

Here are English Phonemes and English narrow transcription LaTeX codes: pdf

Here are some LaTeX codes for narrow transcription we talked about so far: LaTeX template

When you are finished, please upload your transcriptions to the dropbox on D2L. Make sure to submit both the .tex and .pdf file. If you fail to submit the .tex file, you will not receive points.

Here is a .zip file for the sound files.

And here are the sound files, individually:

#1: Press the pants and sew a button on the vest.

#2: The swan dive was far short of perfect.

#3: Two blue fish swam in the tank.

#4: The colt reared and threw the tall rider.

#5: it snowed, rained, and hailed the same morning.

#6: Read verse out loud for pleasure.