Spectrogram Matching Exercises 2 - Linguistics 341

Exercise pdf files

Exercise I
Exercise II
Bonus Sentence

Instructions: Take a look at the two spectrogram matching files up above first. In each one, try to determine which spectrogram best matches which word. Once you've figured that out, submit your answers by selecting the appropriate spectrogram (by letter) for each word down below. When done, hit submit!

Exercise I

1. chef

2. faith

3. half

4. hash

5. house

6. phase

7. safe

8. shave

9. shows

10. soothe

11. thief

12. those


Exercise II

1. chafe

2. fetch

3. fifth

4. hitch

5. huge

6. sauce

7. six

8. swath

9. wash

10. wife

11. with

12. yes

Bonus Sentence!

Before you click on submit, you may save the page in the browser by pressing Command + P on Mac, or Ctrl + Shift + P on Windows. Note that your first try only counts! I will know what your first try was, so please do not submit until your are certain you want to submit the assignment.